Atrocity Altar-62

Eerified Catacomb/Ahulabrum – Split CS

A deranged split between these two entities. Eerified Catacomb’s single track provides 7 minutes of disorienting black metal, while Ahulabrum’s side of the split unnervingly tracks the 1967 Silver Bridge collapse. To be released on cassette tape in Atrocity Altar’s upcoming November batch, and on 7″ vinyl through Ixiol Productions.

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Atrocity Altar-60

Obsidian Grave/Herculean Death – Bringers of Cascadian Death

Split release between Obsidian Grave and Herculean Death. To be released on cassette in oversized packaging with a double-sided colour insert. 

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Atrocity Altar-58

Ahulabrum – Daimonic Reality CS

Following three demos and a compilation released in 2020, Ahulabrum brings forth its first full-length album, featuring almost 20 tracks of deranged black metal.

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Atrocity Altar-57

Felgrim – Empires of the Night MC

A collaboration between The Seer and Ainul Iblis (Sulphuric Night, Deathcircle, Shadow Dungeon etc.), featuring three tracks of keyboard-fronted black metal inspired by early Dimmu Borgir. Art by Alex Delgado. 

Atrocity Altar-56

Nightreign – Nightreign MC

The Seer and Eldrinacht (Ancient Necromancy, Gharmelicht etc.) have collaborated to produce three tracks of melancholic black metal, heavily influenced by bands such as Mortifera and Cry of Silence. 

“The rains of sorrow approach in tranquil resignation”

Atrocity Altar-55

Μνήμα – Tombs of Necromantic Lunacy

Cassette press of the Hellenic black metal duo Μνήμα’s demo. Features 3 tracks of chaotic and smothering raw black metal unlike anything else. Comes on black cassette shell with large collage artwork j-card.

Atrocity Altar-54

Ahulabrum/Howling Nightwinds – Under The Owl Moon MC

After three demos released throughout the early-mid 2000s, iconic US project Ahulabrum participates in its first ever split. Inspired by esoteric and unexplainable phenomena, Ahulabrum put forth 3 tracks of disorienting and unnerving noise/black metal. On side B, Howling Nightwinds unveil a 6-minute track of raw black metal featuring heavy psychedelic elements. Also released on 7” vinyl by Ixiol Productions.

“The rains of sorrow approach in tranquil resignation”

Atrocity Altar-53

Lament in Winter’s Night/Night’s Threshold split MC

Lament in Winter’s Night return after unveiling their first full-length album in mid-MMXX (entitled ‘At The Gates of the Eternal Storm’). Side A features a 5-minute track of triumphant raw black metal with their track ‘Epiphanies in Death’. On side B, Night’s Threshold venture into their first split release, unveiling an entrancing track full of desolate and enrapturing melodies, entitled ‘Morbid Ecstasy’. Released on 7” vinyl by Altare Productions. 

Atrocity Altar-52

Howling Nightwinds – Demo II MC

Following their debut demo released on Fog of Eternity, Howling Nightwinds put forth a much longer second demo, featuring 6 tracks of raw black metal fronted by The Seer. Released on a bright red cassette shell in a run of 150 copies. 

Atrocity Altar-51

Temple ov Eshmun – Astrate-Ydll MC

Debut demo from Australian act Temple ov Eshmun, featuring 2 side-long, protracted tracks of ambient and doom/black metal. Released on limited edition cassette hand-numbered out of 120.

Atrocity Altar-50

Altered Heresy – Dimensions of Eternal Blasphemy Ordained in Satanic Majesty MC

Following several releases during the period 2018-2021, Belgian black metal act Altered Heresy put forth a full-length of 8 raw tracks.

“Cloaked in a drape of darkness, I vanquish the weak and herald the elite”

Atrocity Altar-46: Pissmoon – Demo III – As I Await My Final Winter…MC
Atrocity Altar-45: Various – In Death’s Midst…MC
Atrocity Altar-44: Befouled by Flies – s/t MC
Atrocity Altar-43: Shadow Dungeon/Sceptre of the Fading Dawn – From Veiled,
Forgotten Ages MC
Atrocity Altar-42: Vrörsaath – Under Vast Dreamskies MC
Atrocity Altar-41: Kudlaakh/Solipsism – Split MC
Atrocity Altar-40: Ahulabrum – Magonia MC
Atrocity Altar-39: Midnight Betrothed – Bewitched By Destiny’s Gaze MC
Atrocity Altar-38: Midnight Betrothed – Indulgence In Eternity MC
Atrocity Altar-37: Muna – AKO/OUíMC
Atrocity Altar-36: Ahulabrum – The Transitivity of Strangeness MC
Atrocity Altar-34: Lament in Winter’s Night – At The Gates of the Eternal Storm
Atrocity Altar-33: Necroadonia – Demo I: Brink of Perception MC
Atrocity Altar-32: Sceptre of the Fading Dawn – Wandering in Lands Unseen MC